Transaction Guidelines

Guidelines & Selection Process

Kidder Mathews is conducting this offering of the Chateau at the Village as the exclusive agent of Seller. All inquiries and questions should be directed to Benjamin Pollock at 415.229.8952; bpollock@, David Wientjes at 415.229.8969; or Jeffrey Hutchins at 415.229.8941; If you would like more information about the property, please execute the non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) to gain access to the due diligence documents. Kidder Mathews will be glad to help prospective buyers schedule on-site tours of the Property.

Prospective buyers are discouraged from contacting the Seller directly. While Kidder Mathews will cooperate with other real estate brokers who have procured and are authorized to represent prospective purchasers for the Property, Kidder Mathews will not share its fee or commission with any cooperating broker and will not be responsible for payment of any cooperating broker fee or commission due and payable as a result of the sale of the Property. Any such cooperating broker fee, commission or other compensation shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. Broker shall not provide any marketing materials or other information to any cooperating broker representing a prospective purchaser unless such cooperating broker (i) represents the prospective purchaser pursuant to a written agreement, a copy of which is furnished to Broker, (ii) executes and delivers to Broker an NDA from both the cooperating broker and its prospective purchaser, and (iii) executes and delivers to Broker written confirmation that neither Broker nor Seller will be responsible for paying any fee, commission or other compensation to such cooperating broker in connection with any sale of the Property. Kidder Mathews and Seller reserve the right to modify these Transaction Guidelines in their sole discretion.

Prospective buyers are invited to submit their proposals at any time, including the following:

  • 1. Experience of the company and its principals with:
  • Securing the debt and equity financing for large-scale and multi-phase commercial projects
  • Managing the construction of large-scale and multiphase commercial projects
  • Acquiring and developing comparable properties
  • References from bank(s), sellers of comparable properties bidder previously acquired, and joint venture partners of comparable projects
  • 2. Proposal Terms:
  • Purchase price
  • Source of acquisition capital
  • Earnest money deposit
  • Due diligence and closing time frame

Proposals can be submitted at any time. Recipients of this Offering Memorandum will receive notice of the final date when proposals must be received two weeks prior to that deadline.

While the preference of Seller is to sell the entire Property on an all-cash and non-contingent basis to a single entity, other purchase structures may be submitted and also will receive consideration.

Following their review and ranking of proposals, Seller will invite the respondent it determines to offer the best combination of capabilities and deal terms to enter into an exclusive 30-day period to negotiate a Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Due Diligence

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